An exterior of this Hot Tubs is made from the wood, which is nature friendly, while an inside made from fiberglass is easy to clean and maintain.

A diameter of this “Relax” hot tub is 1.8 m. You can choose a color of inside fiberglass frame from blue, cream, grey and yellow. Models with internal and external (outside) wood-burning heaters are available. Hot Tubs with the external heaters can fit in more people. Moreover, Hot Tub has a water discharge valve, it is ready for the hose connection, so water can be drained whenever you want.

Standard Set

  • Outlet valve for water
  • Fiberglass frame hot tub with wooden finishing from the outside
  • Stainless steel tightening bands;
  • Stainless steel heater with a chimney (internal or external);
  • Safety fence for the hot tubs with internal heaters;
  • Wooden tub sill and wooden bottom with carrier.
  • Stairs
  • Fiberglass inside benches

SPA equipment in hot tub

Option. Not included in Standard Set.

Air bubble system
It is a small air blower that will relax and soothe your muscles, as well as keep the water rotating and moving around your body. You can also control the air flow to regulate how intensive you want the bubbly Tub to be. This massage system is installed in the benches, seats of a Hot Tub.
The air massage system consists of: 12 air-blowing nozzles; Air pump; Control button; Connecting hoses.

Hydro massage system
Hydro-massage (intense water-massage) works by pumping water out of the Hot Tub and pushing it under high pressure back into the tub through the jets (it can pump up to 1.5 m3 of water per minute). Hydro massage – 6 jets in walls. The pumps are distributed in walls and these jets create a powerful stream of moving water, providing a deep massage for your body. Our innovative jets are designed to target specific muscle groups. Enhancing your enjoyment to a higher and more massage level.

LED lights
A fun way to set the mood and enjoy your relaxing background is to add the underwater LED lights to your Hot Tub! Use them to help your guests guide their way in the Hot Tub, or just for a colorful addition. Our LED lights are specifically made for our hot tubs to allow you to get the maximum effect of illumination.

We deliver fully assembled fiberglass Hot Tubs “Relax”, so no much additional work needs to be done.